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YouTurn strives to integrate prisoners back into society, through tolerance, social acceptance, and a tailored policy that will enable their integration.

The association was established in December 2019 to assist released prisoners and provide them with guidance in all areas of life, help them develop skills and habits for a meaningful life, and integrate them into the community. YouTurn believes that by providing comprehensive, customized and correct support, from the moment of release, will reduce the prisoner’s chances of returning to prison significantly.

The rehabilitation of prisoners and their integration into society are a moral and ethical obligation of a reformed society, and is a measure of its resilience and stability. YouTurn advocates the idea that the strength of the chain depends on its weakest link.

Characterization of the site and the challenges

A website that aims to motivate people to action, with a complex and diverse target audience: potential employers (who wish to integrate the released prisoner at work), volunteers, institutional clients, public councils, organizations and donors. Where the main goal is to change the perception in the community.

The site was built and designed by us on the WIX platform.


The brand colors are green, gray and white, and provide the main tone of the site. In addition, the design language inspired by the logo helped create a line that flowed seamlessly through all the pages of the site.


It was important for us to maintain the company’s design line, emphasizing the logo, and create a language that conveys the unique vibe of the special people behind it. On the one hand, we wanted to create a light look, while on the other, convey a serious association to which people will donate.



It was a great honor for us to work hand in hand with an organization that supports such important values of tolerance and acceptance. Good luck to the members of the YOUTURN organization - keep spreading good in the world.

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