DIRIGO Branding & Identity


Dirigo specializes in organizing, managing and producing tailor-made Conferences, Events and Incentives in Israel and abroad. In today’s world, such events are no longer a luxury, but a necessity proven to increase an organizations productivity and profit. Hiring a company such as Dirigo ensures a memorable event.


The staff at Dirigo are dedicated and energetic, with the experience, contacts, and ability to bring any idea to fruition. The logo needed to convey all these things, have a clean, modern and international look, while being sleek and dynamic. We decided on letters with round lines, broken in just the right place to create a sense of movement. The G hints to a forward arrow.


It took several tries to come up with the right color scheme. Eventually, we settled on a clean and homogenous pallet. We created a transition to highlight the word ‘GO’, emphasizing the company’s dynamic nature, ability to think outside the box, and create events at an international standard.

Design Language

We followed the clean and uniform line in the design of the stationary and business cards. Adding icons, we expanded the language to the full branding of DIRIGO.

Exposing the values of a company, we bring those assets out in the design. Dirigo's events are unforgettable. Enjoy!

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