VidiPlus Platform For Online Presentations

VidiPlus is a groundbreaking platform for online presentations on video calls. It helps present a unique and impressive visual in a conversation, attracting people’s attention. Professionals in any sector can use the software to make their video meetings more lively and dynamic, including slides, company branding, graphics, photos or videos that appear in real time.

The pain

With the outbreak of COVID-19, it was no longer possible to hold face-to-face meetings, forcing sales and business executives to move all their meetings and presentations to the alternative – Zoom, Google-Meet and other video platforms. However, these platforms were not able to replace the intimate experience of a face-to-face meeting, especially for salespeople who need to deliver diverse product presentations and demonstrations as part of the sales process.

Characterization of the software

Our job was to take the initial scribble, drawn on paper by CEO Dror Benjamin, and turn it into software that is designed with clear functionality, and works with all existing video platforms on the market.


In this project we chose to reverse our customary work process: first we designed the logo, from which we create a design language, and only then did we begin to design the product. But, in a startup, like in a startup – sometimes you work the other way around. The need to come up with a solution as quickly as possible made us act differently. We started by creating sketches of the software, choosing the colors of orange, gray, black and white from the thought that the orange we created would be prominent enough and different on all video platforms and give a fresh and innovative touch. And we shot a bull. This orange color was the first milestone in the creation of the logo and design language.

Thank you Dror and the VidiPlus team for choosing us, we were happy to be there with you and be a part of fulfilling your vision.

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