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Hagit specializes in strategic planning & digital marketing. She is forever the optimist, with a ‘can do’ attitude. Through investigation and learning, she is able to bring a sense of motion to the process, that lead to results.


Getting to know Hagit, and the energy she brings with her, we realized the logo should symbolize her unique abilities in leading a process for change. A personal logo that speaks to the strong woman she is.

In search of inspiration we came across the poem “Thread” written by Haya Shenhav (translation).


Hagit was reluctant to share her color preferences, so as not to influence us. As if reading her mind, we selected purple. It is a strong color, symbolizing the dream world and fantasy. Purple enhances people’s perception of beauty, elicits trust and welcomes creative ideas. There are those who attribute power and strength to it. Purple hints to enlightenment and spirituality, while providing a modern and unique look.

Design Language

Following the design of the logo, we built on the graphic language to design Hagit’s business cards and stationary. Guided by the clean and delicate line, we designed a landing page for on-line and presentations.

We take great pride & joy in a design that reflects a new business's DNA. Hagit, Good luck!

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