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“Makom Hashraa” (Inspiration Place) in Moshav Aloni Abba is an artists’ house with a gallery, shop and cafe, conducting workshops and concerts.

A magical place for art lovers who want to relax in a beautiful place. On the upper floors of the house are workspaces for creative artists. In the stone basement there is a cafe where fine coffee, special sandwiches, homemade cakes, and more are served, and a gallery shop where local Israeli art is displayed (paintings, sculptures, useful tools, jewelry and more …).

The place hosts intimate performances, lectures and art workshops.

Characterization of the site and the challenges

A relatively complex site, serving both as an image/corporate website, a store where products and artefacts from the gallery can be purchased, as well as tickets for various workshops and events. This array of needs called for a unique site that reflects the atmosphere of the physical place.

The site was built and designed by us on the wix platform.


“Makom Hashraa” (Inspiration Place) draws its character, first and foremost, from the ancient Templar house in which it housed, with a special ambiance obvious to anyone right when walking through the door. This aspect had to be reflected in the design of the site. We extended the brand design with a site language that manages to convey the charm of the house, and the fact that it is (as its name implies) – a great inspiration.




The brand’s pastel colors, implying the connection to nature, is a continuation of the logo design and overall branding, and blends in with the site in gentle touches.

We had fun creating with people who live and breathe the world of aesthetics and art. Dear Shirley and Yifat, we wish you continued success in sharing inspiration with everyone.

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