GLAM* WIKI Dashboard

The GLAM * WIKI dashboard is an initiative by Wikimedia Israel, developed by their colleagues in Switzerland and Sweden. The interface is used for tracking usage statistics for the content and information provided by cultural institutions, and uploaded to Wikimedia projects.

The purpose is to provide a direct and friendly means for institutions (galleries, libraries, archives and museums) to monitor the exposure of their free content, and the extent to which they are used, once uploaded to Wikimedia.

The UX challenge

We needed to enable users (the content providers) to track the use of visual content they provided, supporting a quick glance at the main metrics for those without technological expertise and understanding, while also providing a deep dive for those interested.


We chose a pleasant and homogeneous color scale, that while speaking the language of the existing brand colors, would not cause visual overload but create an innovative look.

The feedback from Revital, the CEO of the venture: “The dashboard is currently in the prototype stage, and still in development (, but it is already in use. It offers access to data that is so important to the institutions for which it is intended, and has generated great interest among cultural institutions in Israel and around the world. Testimony to this is that in just six months it has been used by 18 institutions (with more on the way) and translated into 5 languages (still more coming).

It is important for me to note that the feedback we receive, particularly in regards to the design and user experience – is really good. Your design provides a clear view into the data, and brings value, which is exactly what we were aiming for. On top of that – we really enjoyed working with you.”

Thank you Revital Poleg - CEO of Wikimedia Israel and Yonatan Ben-Dahan, It is a great privilege to work with you in collaboration and to take such an important part in the success of the project.

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