Mathematical News Website Design

An initiative to integrate mathematical news in the high school curriculum, Flashes aims to narrow the gap between contemporary mathematics and the teachings in the classroom. With the help of the project, math teachers can introduce students to the fascinating field of mathematics as it continually contributes to human progress.

As part of the project, the professional team developed a series of presentations focused on a contemporary mathematical challenge from current times, to be presented by the teacher to the students. Math has never been more exciting.

Characterization of the site and the challenges

The site needed to display all the latest news conveniently, and support presentations through a Power Point Online presentation player.

The site was built and programmed on the WordPress platform by Mert Rampel and his team of programmers at LM STUDIO.


The main colors on the site, an orange-yellow gradient, the black and white of the logo, combined with a color scale we built from combinations of gradients, and blended to create a homogeneous and happy look. The result is inviting.


In order to present the subject of mathematics as accessible and contemporary, we chose to perform color manipulation on images relating to the topic, thus giving the site an inviting, engaging and innovative appearance.

Enter, learn, read and expand - we were excited from the start, and now also a little less afraid of MATHEMATICS :) Good luck to the team and thank you for the privilege of taking part in this project.

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