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Kibbutz Masik Magal’s online store sells olive oil and almonds, and plans on offering additional items in the future. The kibbutz’s flagship product is its olive oil, and it’s the highlight of the site, which serves to introduce the kibbutz’s products to a wider audience and ramp up their sales.

The kibbutz produces amazing extra virgin, cold-pressed oil from a variety of olives grown on its land. This olive oil wins awards every year and has a loyal customer base. Our brief was to redesign the company’s website to create a clean and fast buying experience that lets the user easily find the variety that he’s looking for. It was important for the kibbutz to create a magazine-like look for its site, complete with gorgeous images. So how do you prepare for and design a site that’s both commercial and magazine-like?


Wireframes are the early-stage planning process for a website answering a collection of questions aimed at ensuring the site supports its target goals. They create order and help us understand the needs of the site. Combined with user scenarios we understand what we need to emphasize, what’s important (and what’s less so) and how to support the visitors goals. Most importantly, we ensure the purchasing process doesn’t cause users to abandon their shopping cart. We create a great buying experience that makes them want to come back.


After the wireframe process, we created the graphic concept characterizing the site’s design. It was very important to the client to create a magazine-like look, so that’s the direction we took. The kibbutz invested in talented photographers who provided us with wonderful images, so we just edited them and used them to design a high-end site with large, coast-to-coast images that showed off the olive oil and created the look of a luxury shop.


The brand came to us with existing colors of black and grayish-silver, with each variety of olive also having an identifying color. So we stuck with the brand’s colors and emphasized its images instead. This decision also helped create a classic, clean, magazine-like appearance.

The product page showcases each variety of olive with all the relevant information (which type of cooking it’s best for, its flavor profile and it’s picture) with the option to purchase and also save it to your preferences.

Visit the site to buy quality olive oil. And don’t forget where you heard about it for the first time… we’re here, at your service. :)

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