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Keren Farago is a talented Israeli artist who lives and works in Kibbutz Maayan Zvi. Keren draws on various ready-made media: papers, windows, doors and more. She collects these materials and gives them new life, combining them in fresh new ways. Keren uses printed materials, drawing inspiration from the texts as the basis for her ink paintings.

Keren gives a second life to book piles she finds on the street, outside recycling bins or backyards, discovering stories hidden in the crumbling and yellowing pages. She gives the books that fall apart a new meaning, as these become her painting platform. On the pages she inscribes mainly motifs from nature, animals and plants, with each image stemming from a textual connection to the words on the page.

With great sensitivity, Keren layers the page with new meanings, while preserving the original words and their history, allowing them to live on through the work.

Thus, Keren honors the sanctity of the bookcase and its place at the center of the house.

Characterization of the site and the challenges

The site is both a gallery, acting as a stage for Keren’s works, and a store where one can purchase Keren’s paintings or book a place in Keren’s workshops.

The challenge we faced was to convey Keren’s unique creation and express its emotion in the website.

Ease and convenience of maintaining the site were of paramount importance to Keren, so great emphasis was placed on ease of uploading new content, interfacing with “Green Invoice”, connecting to social networks and more.

The site was built and programmed on the WordPress + Elemntor platform by Mart Rampel and his team of programmers at LM STUDIO.


We decided that the site should act as a frame – just like a painting’s delicate frame: it should not overpower or compete with the beauty of the painting. We made sure to follow a clean line, ensuring the paintings themselves were given the attention they deserved. It was important for us to provide visitors with a pleasant experience while strolling around in the virtual studio we created for Keren.




We chose pastel colors, blending into the site with gentle touches, leaving the stage to the paintings and their colors.

Dear Keren, it was a pleasure working with you on your digital studio. We wish you success creating new stories and exciting connections, that respect the written word and our history.

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