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A corporate website that showcases Kostika, a 35 year old aluminum company. Kostika is unique in that it includes four different branches, offering its customers a full array of aluminum-based services & solutions for building exteriors.

The challenge in this project was to showcase Kostika’s four different branches each with its own homepage, ‘About’ page and project gallery. How do you design four different sites within one larger one? How would the main menu behave? Our solution was to design a main menu which navigates the main company’s site, with an additional menu underneath which would display all four of the branches’ logos. A mouseover on each logo would open a dropdown menu that would display all the pages associated with each branch. Clicking each one would open up a new page for the relevant site, allowing users to focus on their area of interest with the ability to return to Kostika’s main site.


So how do you display and describe the company’s four branches on the homepage without crowding the page with a lot of text? We decided that the text would appear only when hovering over a branch’s logo or projects. In this way, we were able to keep the homepage clean and rich with images of the projects, with the option to read more in depth if the user was interested in a specific section. A “Read more” button linked to the main company’s “About” page.


The choice of colors and the site’s graphic language was based on the logos’ black and navy design. The pictures of projects on huge glass screens reflect the sky, creating wonderful visual games.


The font that we chose for the entire site is Carmela, which has delicate, elegant and modern lines. The font works beautifully as a title and as moving text. It’s clear and easy to read and conveys style. In order to connect to the company’s own graphic design, we decided to take its logo’s central motif-the blue rectangle–and use it in each page’s header.

It was an honor to design for a large company that strives for beauty. We hope our design met that goal. What do you think?

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