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Debbie Aluminum Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacture of curtain walls, aluminum systems and innovative and advanced solutions in the field of steel and glass, all under one roof. Established in 1972, it is well rooted in good old values, while also being innovative and uncompromising in meeting market demands.

The company caters to the public and private sectors, providing its customers with solutions that meet the most stringent standards. 

Characterization of the site and the challenges

Even when it comes to a so-called simple site – a “portfolio” of a large company – it is important to be creative. We wanted to create the appearance of a strong, stable, established company, while innovative at the same time. It was important to understand the site’s target audience, and what it is looking for.

The site was built and programmed on the WordPress platform by Mart Rampel and his team of programmers at LM STUDIO.


We created a clean and modern look by using stripes across the entire site “COAST TO COAST” and choosing a large and clear font.


We stuck with the brand colors of black and white, and did not add more color to our design. We decided that the color would come from the project photos, placing them as the center of focus.

We are always happy to take part in the creation and design of a new virtual home for our customers. Good luck to Debbie David - keep leading and pushing ahead.

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