FoldiMate Display Screen Design


A robot for folding laundry – one that every one of us would be happy to have in our home. The robot folds laundry on its own in a simple and easy fashion, and every one in the family can use it.

FoldiMate invented an innovative product that will save us all from the endless drudgery of folding laundry…a dream come true. The goal is for everyone, even a child, to be able to use the machine and fold laundry: it’s not just a task for Mom.

It’s a great invention, but how do you handle something that doesn’t yet exist? How do you convey the ease of use? That was our brief.


We explored a few different color scales settling on the chosen one, broadcasting young and innovative, exactly like our product. We wanted it to be easy for users to understand the stages of the folding process. The colors needed to work together and create an inviting, clear and directed relationship with the user.

Concept and Layout

How do you translate a manual layout to an online user experience? We worked on a couple of rough, simple layouts using paper and pencil, exploring the operational screen both linearly and dynamically. We researched similar products including washing machines, dryers and dishwashers, and tried to understand the correct graphic language for our target audience, so that everyone, from a child to his grandmother, would understand how to operate the machine.


We used illustrations that give the user a feeling that the machine itself is explaining what it’s doing at every stage, right up to the clothes coming out folded and ready.

All that was left was relaxing with a cup of coffee and enjoying our new laundry folding machine, while it did its work.

We love it when someone comes to the studio with a vision and a brilliant idea, and we get to work on it. Have a brilliant idea we can work on together?

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