Insightful Data Management System for Scientific Experiments


Insightful is a system designed to gather and document data from complex experiments. Each experiment can have several scenarios, each with tens of recorded measurements. The system replaces manual entry with automated data acquisition, and performs backup and analysis.

Despite the automation of much of the process, some manual entry is still required. We wanted to create a positive user experience despite the arduous task.

System Design

At times, with large data management systems, the challenge is not to re-invent the wheel, but rather make use of the known patterns – the table needs to have the common functionality, the file browser has to have that familiar look and feel. This helps the user stay oriented while performing the task.


It was clear to us that the system needs a clean and clear look, simple to comprehend grids, tables and forms. We wanted a modern look. To support simultaneously viewing of scenarios and the results, we designed Tabs to move between the two with a single click. The system maintains a correlation, at any given moment, between the choices in the file browsers and the data shown in the tables.



We chose a pleasing homogenous pallet. The majority of the site is table based, so we needed to reduce the visual overload, while giving it a modern look.

Using tabs provides a single click solution to the challenge of switching between scenarios and measurements. Context is maintained between selections in the folder tree and data tables.

Large data management systems are a challenge, so understanding the use cases and translating them to simple flows is key to success. To continued research!

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